{ 5 Minute Nose Job }

Injection Rhinoplasty – The “5 Minute Nose Job” by Dr. Stephen Mulholland and SpaMedica Toronto

The Next Generation Of Cosmetic Treatment

There is a growing trend in cosmetic surgery where traditional procedures are being replaced with simple injection-based procedures.  Procedures such as brow lifts and facelifts are waning in popularity thanks to the advent of Botox and other injectable fillers.  Instead of requiring invasive surgery, patients can now smooth wrinkles and skin with a simple series of injections.  Now, the same is true for rhinoplasty.

Dr. Stephen Mulholland and SpaMedica are proud to offer Injectable Rhinoplasty (also known as the 5 Minute Nose Job) to our patients. Traditional rhinoplasty had a reputation for being one of the most invasive facial plastic surgeries available, requiring aggressive surgery and an extended recovery time.  Thankfully, similar results are now possible with the use of a needle.  Injectable Rhinoplasty can be used for patients looking to correct:

  • Bumps on the outside of their nose
  • Concave areas of the nose
  • Flat bridge to the nose
  • Repair to existing nose jobs

The best part is that Injectable Rhinoplasty can be just as permanent as traditional rhinoplasty with the use of a new solution known as Silikon 1000.

Injectable Rhinoplasty is a fast, simple procedure done right in the Spa Medica offices without the need for anesthesia.  After your initial consultation to plan out the results you are hoping for, Dr. Mulholland first applies a numbing cream to the nose, and then proceeds to gently inject the Silikon 1000 into the proper areas of the nose to achieve the desired results.  The entire procedure can be done in less than 30 minutes.  Another great part about Injectable Rhinoplasty is that there is virtually no downtime.  Very rarely do patients experience any bruising or swelling, and can most often return to their normal lives upon leaving the Spa Medica offices!

So what are you waiting for?  If you’ve ever considered getting a nose job, but were afraid of the surgery then Injectable Rhinoplasty is the answer you’ve been waiting for!  Contact SpaMedica to schedule your risk-free consultation today!